domingo, 8 de março de 2015

No More Short Skirts For Policewomen In Russia


The police force in Russia has been forced to ban the wearing of very short skirts by female police officers after their skirts became too short for the liking of the Interior Ministry.
The Russian Interior Ministry not only placed a ban on female officers wearing short skirts but also banned any other form of uniform modifications for both male and female officers.
According to Sergei Gerasimov, the Deputy Interior Minister, uniforms are very important to officers because they are the first thing that the public sees on them. Mr. Gerasimov stressed on how important it was for officers to put on decent uniforms while on duty because it helps create a positive perception about them in the eyes of the public.

The ban was imposed by the Interior Ministry after concerns of police officers improperly wearing their uniforms. Female officers were shortening their skirts to above their thighs and wearing stilettos while on duty, whereas male officers were making their shirt sleeves shorter by cutting parts off.
The aim of the new dress code is to put an end to the unprofessional wearing of uniforms by police officers.
Officers in Russia have since been warned to adhere to the new dress code in order avoid being punished.

Source: The Moscow Times

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