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Woman sentenced 46 year in jail for torturing her stepchildren

Kayseri (Turkey): Sickening, Hideous, Atrocious...are probably some of the adjectives that comes to mind after watching this video from Turkey.

A stepmother based in Kayseri, Turkey, brutally abuses a young boy both physically and sexually, strikes the young boy with enormous force and appears to rape him.

In the video, the stepmother is seen striking the young boy with what appears to be a wooden rod. Later, she appears to sodomize the boy with the same weapon and then force it down his throat. She also slammed the boy hard to the ground.

She also beats the boy on the soles of his feet and at one point appears to cover his mouth, briefly suffocating him.

The video, posted to the internet this week, has gone viral and led to outrage across the world. Though the video was posted on news sites in Turkey and uploaded to YouTube in Turkish, details of the case have trickled to the rest of the world. This week, a link to the video was posted on Reddit.

The latest video may be evidence of a disturbing trend in Turkey, where experts say sexual abuse toward children has been on the rise in recent years. Government statistics showed that cases of child abuse rose steadily between 2008 and 2012, with 17,589 cases in 2012 alone.

But karma may have caught up with the woman in prison when other inmates learned about her crimes.
According to reports, the Turkish woman caught on video abusing her stepson may have already suffered for her alleged crimes. A news report from Turkey claims that she was badly beaten in prison when other inmates learned about the abuse.

The translated report claims that she suffered a number of injuries during the beating, but was ultimately treated and is awaiting transfer to another prison. The woman's name was not given, and it is not clear how long a term she faces in prison, though some say 46 years.

Video of the stepmother in Turkey abusing the young boy can be seen here, but be warned that it contains images of graphic violence and abuse.

url: http://www.seeandsay.in/component/content/article/85-news/world/6013-woman-sentenced-46-year-in-jail-for-torturing-her-stepchildren?Itemid=1140

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