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Welcome to North Carolina Concealed Weapons Sign

A “Welcome to North Carolina” sign includes a warning about concealed weapons by its citizens, but is it real?

Much like the “Welcome to Wisconsin” and “Welcome to Idaho” signs which have also circulated on social media in recent years, it’s unclear if this graphic was merely created as a joke, to make a statement, or if it was meant to be passed off as real. A cursory examination of the graphic yields obvious clues that the text below the sign was not part of the original photograph. The sign in the graphic reads:

Welcome to North Carolina

Nation’s Most Military Friendly State

Our citizens have concealed weapons

If you kill someone, we will kill you back!

We have “0” jails, and 513 cemeteries

Enjoy your stay!

It should be noted that the bottom of the graphic above appears to have been lifted and added to a “Welcome to West Virginia” sign, as seen below:

This is one of many state “welcome” signs which has been altered and circulated on social media recently. If you see a sign like this circulating online, drop us a comment below. If you have more information about the signs above, please let us know.


The “Welcome to North Carolina” concealed weapons sign is not real. It isn’t clear if it was intended as a joke or meant to be passed off as real. Several similar doctored “welcome” state signs have circulated in recent years as part of gun control debate.
source: http://wafflesatnoon.com/

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