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Dakota Pitts returns to school after losing his policeman dad

WHEN Dakota Pitts told his mum he was nervous to go back to school after his dad died in the line of fire, he was greeted with an incredible surprise.

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Ryan Gaydos                                                                                                                      
Fox News  
MAY 16, 20188:25PM

IT WAS tough for the son of a fallen American police officer to return to school on Monday, more than a week after his father died in the line of duty.

Dakota, the five-year-old son of policeman Rob Pitts, had only asked if one of his dad’s friends could ride in his father’s police car on his way to school, according to FOX59.

But when Dakota arrived, he was shocked to see who was there to greet him.
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Around 70 Terre Haute police officers, where his dad used to work, and Virgo County Sheriff’s deputies greeted Dakota at the door to show him support on his first day back.
source: http://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/real-life/news-life

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