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GRAPHIC VIDEO: 4 SCMPD Officers Cleared in Deadly Shooting

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Four officers involved in a deadly shooting of a suspect last October have been found legally justified by a Chatham County Grand Jury.
Officers Michael Gonzales, Daniel Kang, Ruben Colon and John Hauber were cleared Monday.
They were all involved in the shooting of Tyrie Cuyler. Cuyler was a convicted felon who pulled a gun at that stop, shooting three times, hitting both Colon and Gonzales.
The Grand Jury got to see the entire event for themselves through the 3 body cameras the officers were wearing.
The GBI report shows that the officers fired 19 shots at Cuyler after he fired, and as he tried to escape.
That same report also adds that Cuyler was carrying a .38 caliber Smith and Wesson revolver with a handle wrapped in electrical tape in an apparent attempt to no leave fingerprints.
Before his death, through DNA evidence and victim’s statements Savannah-Chatham Metro Police connected Cuyler to a rape on West Dufffy Street just a few days earlier.
He was also the main suspect in a rape of another woman in August of 2015 on East Duffy Street.
News 3 Crime Expert and former SCMPD Major Gerry Long watched the body cam footage for herself to give viewers perspective on what happened that night.
“The officers actions just validate the training he’s been participating in and the thought process. This is a threat and i need to react to it. and it gives the citizen a perspective this is what they deal with on a daily basis.”
“He’s (Cuyler) already demonstrated he’s dangerous, he’s already demonstrated he has no fear of shooting people, including the police, so you can’t let him go.”
“They know that there’s an officer down so they can’t let this guy go out into the general public with a firearm, hes obviously clearly going to hurt somebody.”
Long says these officers’ did the right thing, did their job, and because of that, no one else got hurt.
“It gives the citizen a perspective this is what they deal with on a daily basis,” explained Gerry Long.

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